Welcome to the dark side of all things geeky.  

I am here for all of my fellow Sith and Slytherins!  As a lifelong INTJ, unshakable pessimist, terminal over thinker, and now proud Slytherin, it has always been hard to find people that are as geeky as they are dark.  Now I have focused my efforts on designing, drawing and creating all kinds of shirts, cosplays, daily wear, and illustrations inspired by all these things I love.  

BiteMeFox started so long ago I can’t remember exactly when.  It may have been in Jr. High as I sketched the characters in the margins of Anne Rice and Orson Scott Card novels.  Perhaps it was the constantly changing bulletin board that I kept loaded with fashion images next to video game characters growing up.   

With the recent boom in all things fandom related the geeky side became easier to see but while  I love many nerdy design,  they tend towards preppy and pretty.  My passions have always been character design which lead to my love for clothing; think of it as personal daily character design.  Eventually I went to school for in fashion design, and got a sketchbook full of t-shirt designs I just couldn’t live without.

So swing back by for more nerdy designs, fan art, and all the cosplay I can manage!  Also the occasional rabbit or shiba inu picture.  I hope you find something you love in all this madness.