Nightwing Movie Opinion Dump Part 1


Opinion Dump Part 1

So they are finally making a Nightwing movie!  For me this is bitter sweet because I was also excited about the Grayson comic, which I didn’t like and for the Rebirth Nightwing, which I also didn’t like.  Yet here they are again promising something new and Nightwing and here I am again excited but nervous.

Hopefully it will be amazing.  Hopefully it won’t be an origin story. Most important of all it will hopefully have an amazing actor who will manage to bring to life the arrogant but lovable Dick Grayson in all his awesomeness.

I called this part one because we all know I will be back on this soapbox again.  What do you think will happen with the Nightwing Movie?  What actor do you think can pull off this great character?  Which story arc should they go for?  Let me know what you think and as always hit me up on the socials for more randomness.

Other Nightwing Ramblings

Also if you have not seen me rocking my favorite Nightwing shirt, or you want to pick up some inappropriateness for yourself click here.  I am so in love with this ridiculous design that I sketched up Barbra Gordon wearing it.  In my mind one of the boys swapped it into bag when she wasn’t looking.  I may sketch up that as a couple of panels someday.

I Love Dick... Grayson

Batgirl in Nightwing shirt

Drawing Self Critique

If you didn’t see the post from Instagram then you should know my thoughts on the drawing are:

A. I already want to redraw this.

B. Men’s lips are hard to draw.

C. That is the worst Blue Steel I’ve ever put in a drawing.