Thirteen Thoughts While Watching Power Rangers

Pink Power Ranger

Power Rangers was such a great staple of 90’s cheese.  My cousins and I used to watch it religiously and then throw each other around for hours afterwards.  Back then I would always fight to be Tommy in all his Green Ranger amazingness.  (Probably helps he started as a bad guy!)  I was never a huge fan of either of the other characters though.  

My love of the Power Rangers was surprisingly reignited by a 6 part comic book run dedicated to Kimberly Hart and all things Pink Power Ranger.  Written by Brenden Fletcher and Kelly Thompson, this was the first time in a long time I had thought about anything Power Ranger related.  If you have not read it do yourself a favor and click here This was the first time I like Kimberly as a character and really routed for her.  It also made me curious about how bad the old show really was.  Add in the new movie coming out and I just had to go back and watch the show that gave me so much joy as a kid.

Thirteen thoughts while watching Power Rangers:  

  1. Wow the gender and race stereotypes!  This does not hold up to modern standards.  
  2. Who thought these kids could act?  Or fight?  Oh that’s right I used to!  
  3. Rita wasn’t speaking English!  How did I never notice that?
  4. This is painfully positive…
  5. These are mostly herbivores.  Shouldn’t the attack power dinos maybe be species that attacked?  These are also not all dinosaurs.  
  6. Bulk and Skull’s theme song gets annoying fast.  
  7. 90’s fashion was not good for anyone.  Did I wear those scrunchies?  I hope not.  Or those shorts.  Or those jeans.  I definitely wore those jeans.  
  8. Tommy’s introduction is ridiculous.
  9. Tommy’s hair is ridiculous.
  10. What is that gold thing on the Green Ranger and why does it keep changing from fabric to foam?  
  11. WTF is a Dragonzord?  Or a Zord in general?  
  12. We need more guys in robot costumes in modern entertainment.
  13. What did they build those costumes out of to survive these fight scenes?  

As a result I only made it through half season one before admitting sometimes things are probably better left in the past.  I may come back to do later seasons once I am up for more cheese.  The amazing 90’s fashion alone was worth it.  

What other cheesy childhood shows did you love?  Have you watched them again as an adult?