Blue Spirit Bunny

P “Let’s explore here!”
She twirls and looks around for something new.
D “It’s claimed.”
He doesn’t slow of change his path.  She laughs and starts to move forward as a little glowing light starts to peek out from under the broken garden.
P “By rabbits?”
D “Not rabbits.  Don’t touch”
P “Don’t touch the scary bunnies.  Strange little glowing creatures of danger.  What are they going to do hop me to death?!”
As she bends down to look closer at the glowing creature, it latches on to her arm.  Slowly darkness fills her vision.
P “Holy shit!”
He pulls the creature free from her arm and throws the ball of light behind them.
D “Listen”
P “Lead with the vital information!  Statements like souls sucking rabbits tend to stay with people better than “Don’t touch!!!”