Happy National Batman Day 2015

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Batman has been a part of pop culture as long as I can remember.  My childhood fixation with Batman’s world came not in the classic comic format but  from Batman the Animated Series . Bruce Timm’s 1920 art deco inspired world quickly pulled me in with dark contrasts and stylized characters that held great visual interest.  Once Selina Kyle bid her 10,000 for animal preservation with a side of Bruce Wayne, I knew I was hooked!


This show continued to be important to me  throughout my childhood and into adulthood.  Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley taught me all about people responsibility to care for the earth and animals, both causes I hold close to my heart to this day.  Pamela’s rough but loving treatment of Harley, who was created for this series, taught me to help those that may define their femininity differently than how I choose to define my own.  Killer Croc’s heartbreaking experience with the circus brought me to tears.  A less than subtle reminder about being different.  Of course there was also Babs and Dick would be my first real ship!  Oh if I had only known what I was starting!


Later I would meet the Batman I would love Terry Mcginnis, also a  Bruce Timm and Paul Dini created character.  The flawless adaptation of technology within the bat universe drove my imagination wild. I wish I could find my childhood sketches that they inspired.  Together these lead to comics which fueled my already blossoming to of illustration.  


These amazing characters have become friends and teachers in their own right.  Today we can all celebrate our old friends together. Share your Batman stories below.  How has this world inspired you?