~If Not Now~

If Not Now Sugar Skull


The first step is the scariest.  

I have always been working entirely for someone else’s benefit.  I’ve had some great jobs and great bosses but to give everything you have into someone else’s dream is such a strange concept to me.  Years kept passing and I kept thinking about how I would do things differently, and what I really wanted to do with my time and my career.  None of that pointed to what I was working towards.  So here we are the first real step.  

This is for me, and hopefully for you too.  That sounds weird but it’s my truth.  The internet is this vast place but finding something that I can relate to always brings me joy.  Sometimes it’s seeing other artist’s work, or learning about their process, sometimes it’s a fashion blogger with a sense of style I can relate to and sometimes it’s random images that are so beautiful they draw me in.  No matter what it is it helps me feel less alone in all this modern craziness.  So if you’ve stumbled into my little corner of this vast interweb; Hello!  Stay awhile and listen.  What’s on your mind?

So here we go, the beers are cold and sails are open.  Let’s see if this catches some wind.  Because like the crazy motivational posters say “When if not now?”